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  • Kids spend less time fighting and more time playing!

  • Helps kids learn to share
  Using SharingTimer™ is a breeze! After pressing the START button on the Play Screen, time beings to count down. Animations and sound effects make it clear when each player's turn is almost up. An END OF TURN box then "pops up" to alert the players when it's time to share.  

The Play Screen has the following features:

  • WHO’S UP NEXT: Shows the child (or children) who is next in line for a turn.
  • TIMERS: Animated timers show kids how much time remains in the current turn. As each turn ends, sound effects help signal that it’s time to share.
  • START: Press this button to start the timers, and begin a round of play.
  • PAUSE: Temporarily stop the clock when play is interrupted.
  • SETUP: To access the Setup Screen and customize each round of play.


Any number of players may be chosen. Use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad's built- in camera to snap a picture of each player! Or, use our generic illustrations along with any player name you'd like. Press the SHUFFLE PLAYERS option to randomly change the order of players.

DELETE a player from the current round by pressing the RED CIRCLE to the left of the player, or CHANGE THE ORDER of current players by using the DRAG-AND-DROP handle to the right of each player.

To add a player, press the ADD PLAYER option to visit the ADD PLAYER SCREEN. To browse for a generic illustration, press the COLORS tab, or to browse for a picture you've already imported, press the MY PICTURES tab.

To use your own new picture, tap the CAMERA ICON near the top- right of the screen; you may then add a new picture from the device's camera, a picture from the device's camera roll (taken previously with the device), or from the device's photo library (other pictures already stored on the device).

From the ADD PLAYER SCREEN, you may also SEARCH for a player by using the bar at the top of the screen, or select EDIT to DELETE an image from the SharingTimer library or CHANGE THE CAPTION associated with a picture.


Select a toy or activity from SharingTimer's small library, or use a picture of your own. To CHANGE the current activity, tap on the current activity to visit the ACTIVITIES SCREEN. The ACTIVITIES SCREEN works just like the ADD PLAYER SCREEN described immediately above. A new activity can be selected, imported, or edited in exactly same manner.


Time Per Turn
The current turn length is displayed on the SETEP screen. To change the current turn length, tap where it says"Press to change" and use the buttons to ADD or SUBTRACT time in intervals of 15 seconds, 1 minute and 5 minutes.


Select the background you'd like to appear on the play screen. To CHANGE the current wallpaper, from the SETUP screen, tap where it says "Press to change," then select your desired wallpaper.


Select a sound that you'd like to be played whenever it's time to switch players. To CHANGE the current sound, from the SETUP screen, tap where it says "Press to change" then select your desired sound.


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