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  • The original, best-selling app for visual supports

  • Backed by independent research

  • Available on all major mobile platforms
  iPrompts® is used by thousands of caregivers around the world to create and present visual schedules, timers, and choices to those with autism spectrum disorders. Acclaimed in the popular press, iPrompts® has on several occasions topped the daily sales charts on iTunes (Medical category). The app is now available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet™ and Amazon Kindle Fire. Users of thousands of different Android-compatible smartphones and tablets can now also purchase the app through Google Play.

Supported by U.S. Department of Education-sponsored research, iPrompts® contains a suite of visual support tools designed to improve attention to task, increase understanding of upcoming events, smooth transitions to new environments, and empower visual thinkers to stay organized and communicate preferences. Delivering visual supports through smartphones and tablets offers a variety of advantages:
  • Create visual prompts "on-the-go," adapting quickly as situations change
  • No need to spend hours creating image cards by printing, cutting and laminating
  • No bulky or stigmatizing binders or strips of images
  • Store thousands of images in your pocket
  • Add your own pictures to the hundreds of stock images included within iPrompts®
  • Electronically backlit images are bright and visible any time of day or night
  • Paperless and environmentally friendly
iPrompts® includes several easy-to-use, visual prompting templates (no audio prompts or voice output) to help individuals transition from one activity to the next, understand upcoming events, make choices, and focus on the task at hand:


Picture Schedules

Allows caregivers to create sequences of pictures, guiding those they care for through activities of any sort. Captions can be edited for each image, allowing users to create SOCIAL STORIES. Caregivers can also create simple FIRST THIS, THEN THAT picture prompts using only two images. Choose from hundreds of stock photos and illustrations provided by iPrompts®, add your own digital pictures (e.g., "on the fly" using the iPhone's built-in camera), or add a picture from a Web-enabled search, all from right within the app!


Visual Countdown Timer
Displays an image of the caregiver's choice along with a graphical countdown timer (set to any duration). Useful for demonstrating how much time is left before the next pictured activity begins.


Choice Prompts
Lets caregivers present choices between images, empowering those who cannot vocalize their preferences. When rotated horizontally, the Choice Prompt and Picture Schedule features enlarge and orient images for display to individuals needing visual support. Multiple sets of choices may be created and saved.


Image Library
Image Library Our "starter" library includes hundreds of useful illustrations and digital pictures across many categories. Additional categories and pictures may be supplied by users. Users may also duplicate or delete images, and edit their captions. Searching the Library optionally brings up both "local" results images from the Web, which may then be saved permanently — this puts billions of images at the fingertips of all iPrompts® caregivers! To learn more about searching within iPrompts for Web images, please visit our support page.

See below for a demonstration:


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