ASHA, the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, hosts a national convention every year for Speech-Language Pathologists and others who work with individuals with speech and hearing difficulties.  Each year, companies who produce products for this group also get the chance to attend. HandHold Adaptive was very excited to go to ASHA this year, which was hosted in Chicago.  We were able to meet many people who work with individuals who have Autism and provide them with information on iPrompts, StoryMaker, and SpeechPrompts.  It was a great show!


photo 2

Rob greets ladies at the iPrompts booth to show them our apps on iPads and get to know how we can help them with their app needs.

photo 3

During ASHA, we gave away three copies of our iPrompts Pro software along with an IPad cover.  Here one of our winners, Julie Finkel, comes to claim her prize!  Thanks to everyone who registered and and congrats to our winners!

photo 4

Even though we worked hard during the convention, we also loved getting to explore Chicago after hours.  Chicago is a great place and ASHA was a huge success!  We appreciate everyone who came by the booth and here’s to next year in Orlando!

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