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Discounted site licenses are now available for schools and discricts!

Benefits of the iPrompts®PRO Suite:

iPrompts for iPad iPrompts for iPhone
  • Ease transitions

  • Improve attention to task

  • Enhance social skills

  • Learn organization and scheduling

  • Acquire typical speech patterns

  • Save time compared to printed tools

  • Backed by independent research

  • Tested and re-tested for ease of use

  • Share what you create via email or printing

  • Training included with site licenses
  iPrompts®PRO combines three apps into a powerful suite of next-generation autism technology! Buy iPrompts®PRO and receive iPrompts® (the leading research-based app for visual schedules, timers, choices and video modeling), StoryMaker™ (create and present Social Stories™) and SpeechPrompts™ (exercises for speech therapy and prosody) at a discount over buying individually.

iPrompts®, the original app for visual support, is used by caregivers to provide visual structure to those with autism. StoryMaker™ is the premier app creating and presenting Social Stories™, featuring exclusive content from Carol Gray. SpeechPrompts™, a collaboration with the Yale Child Study Center, provides exercises to practice rate, rhythm, stress and intensity of speech. Features of all apps are based on research, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s IES SBIR program.

SAVE MONEY by buying all three apps at once, and receive all of the following features:


Visual Schedules

Create and present sequences of pictures, breaking down tasks into discrete steps or presenting upcoming events in an easy-to-understand visual format. Tap CHECKBOXES to mark progress as schedule steps are completed. Schedules can be presented in REVIEW format (multiple steps per screen) or in PRESENTATION format (one step per screen)

Visual Countdown Timer
Display an image alongside graphical numeric countdown timers (set to any duration), to demonstrate how much time is left until a current activity ends, or before the next activity begins.

Offer choices between images, empowering those who cannot vocalize their preferences. Up to six choices may be presented on the screen at once. Tap an image to highlight it visually and trigger a voice recording.

Create and present your own Social Stories, or customize one of Carol Gray’s "Classics".

Learn to write effective Social Stories by completing a series of short training modules created by Carol Gray.

Email & Print
Schedules, choices and stories can be emailed as a PDF, then forwarded to other caregivers or printed from a computer.

Audio Prompting
Record your voice to narrate the schedules, choices and stories you create.

Lots of Image Sources
Our "starter" library includes hundreds of useful illustrations and digital pictures. Add your own camera pictures, or search Google, Bing and Flickr from right within the app. You can "tag" each image into as many categories as you’d like, then search or filter to find what you need.

More than 30 video modeling clips are included, demonstrating "School and Social" behavior. You may also add your own video modeling clips to the Library and play them back using iPrompts®PRO.

Like a "voice thermometer," VoiceChart provides real-time feedback on loudness of speech. Speakers are shown visually whether they are "Too Loud," "Too Quiet," or "Just Right". Sliders allow customization of the thresholds between each volume zone. An animated meter and graphics change based on the current volume level.

Provides visual and aural feedback on stress, rate and rhythm of speech by comparing a "Teacher" voice recording to a "Student" voice recording. The Student voice sample is compared both visually (via a waveform graphic) and aurally (via audio playback) to the Teacher recording, which serves as a target or model phrase. The Student attempts to "match" the Teacher waveform by repeating it aloud. Visual differences between the two audio recordings can then be highlighted (e.g., point to the differences on the screen and discuss).

Visit our demo videos page for demonstrations.



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